Our Privacy Policy

Privacy PolicyMcCann & Cambrian E-Media Services (MCEMS) owns and operates this site on behalf of SudburyBroadcastPioneers.com.  We are pleased to provide our Privacy Policy here for your benefit and information.

MCEMS will attempt in every way to protect the privacy of our website users and buyers of our products.

The type of information SudburyBroadcastPioneers.com collects:
Details and information the user willingly provides to us, generally by e-mail, also by telephone or regular mail.  Website visitor traffic statistics in aggregate form include but not limited to originating user’s IP address, device type, browser type, operating system, pages visited and referring URLs.  There is no personal identifying information provided.  This aggregate collection of information helps us to better understand how users access and navigate our website.

The purpose for collecting data:

Allows us to communicate with users and purchasers to promote and complete sales transactions, render customer support and invite and answer inquires.

Purchase Transactions:
Purchase transactions are conducted through compliant secure networks. We will use necessary measures to protect the security of your data.  Please understand that it is impossible for us to completely guarantee that user data will be immune from malicious attack or compromise across various networks.  As such users of SudburyBroadcastPioneers.com understand and accept that their transmission of personal data is always at their own risk.

Data Storage:
Data Storage includes e-mail letters and messages on our hosted server as well as our local office computers located in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. Critical information including credit card and financial transaction details are not stored on our server or on our office computers.  Non-critical information regarding purchase history may be stored but only details that summarize sales.  Financial transactions are securely handled and managed by our payment gateway partner, Stripe.com.  MCEMS and SudburyBroadcastPioneers.com do not store credit card details.

SudburyBroadcastPioneers.com is owned and operated by McCann & Cambrian E-Media Services (MCEMS).  MCEMS owns and operates the website, CKSO.com, a website which is affiliated with SudburyBroadcastPioneers.com.

SudburyBroadcastPioneers.com does not use cookies.

We will never share or sell any customer information including but not limited to financial transactions, e-mail communication, customer e-mail contact such as e-mail address, phone number, geographic address and any other personal information.

We respectfully remind our users to be most diligent in protecting personal information that is submitted to SudburyBroadcastPioneers.com including passwords, usernames, location, images, and videos. This will help to go a long way in protecting information from third party manipulators in an attempt to steal identities.
Should you have any concerns or questions, please contact Doug McCann of MCEMS by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Unit 107, 21-A Belvedere Avenue, Parry Sound, Ontario  P2A 2A2, telephone (705) 751-5800.